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"I give you guidance with my draws that is true and with love,

the message you receive today will help you find you way"

Close your eyes and believe, take time out to mediate to quiet the mind, relax and feel the love of peace, find 5-10min a day for that quite time, connect and you will see, connect and you will feel, connect and you will understand, the help is always there, just believe in yourself believe in your higher self, believe in god.

Heather, Louise, Jeanette, Chris, Andrew and wicker


Garden figures

very good with brush

Baby pushchair

cross leg when sleeping

Head aches


Going into a car

Neck hurts

Leave messages

Heart attack  

Heavest moon




Know yourself, go on your own, travel and see the world, there is so much for you to see and learn. You have a big heart, continue doing what your doing we are watching you believe and you will see, when you see a  feather know that we are at your side, step out and be counted , only you can make it happen. Love yourself and love will come, open up and receive the love that is around you.




Tree of life well rooted and connected, remember we are all connected to mother earth your growth are like the branch’s that spread out to each of us giving wisdom, knowledge and life. Look upon a tree and focus for 5-10mins and feel the energy, feel the connection.


John, Val, Marcia


Has good ideas

Light fixing

like soft music

Yellow flower

clean face

Back / shoulder hurting

motor chair

Ice cream

forgetting things

Cold feet

glasses missing

Reading news paper

need walking stick

Climbing ladder

chest pains

Leopard skin




Don’t mess things up, leave it well alone things will happen in the right time. Find your way and stand firm. Listen to what is said, stop blocking things out. Don’t let friends or family dump their problems onto you. Think about yourself and what you want out of life. A dark cloud has been lifted you will start to see things more clearly.



I am a protector of man, my work is to guild and protect. Hold on to the old ways, you will find the right path and others will follow, believe in each other, it’s going to be hard work, belive in you.

Jack. Ted, bill, Fred, Maureen, Margaret, Ann


Work to hard

Don’t forgive easily


Feet hurting

Throat hurting not talking well





Invest in what you know, keep ideas to yourself, go with your gut feelings if it’s not right don’t do it. Look out for important papers to sign read the small print, read it careful.

Ann, Fanny, Jean, Tracy, Annie, Henry, Sam


Heart Attack chest pain

Glasses on chain

playing field

Kidney problem

loss jewellery

Feet hurt calf or leg hurting

Finger bad

pass port running out


fruit juice

Sunday roast

door not working

Kitchen sink block



Choose your words wisely, think before you speak. You need to see things for what there are. Focus on yourself and not others, beware of gossip about family be strong this will not last. Take you time and stop rushing again. Get back too being the old you , go out more be with one with nature recharge you batteries, to help other people you first have to help yourself. Remember you are not alone, talk and share.

Names and things link to you or someone you know.